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JSS Sustainable Asset Management Repositions Water Strategy as Green Planet

10th February 2021   JSS Sustainable Asset Management is proud to announce the launch of the Green Planet strategy, which is a natural progression of its commitment towards building a sustainable future, while generating attractive returns.

Onwards and Upwards

11th February 2021   One of the most important skills for successful investors is to distinguish the essential market information from the rest, the so-called noise.

Sustainable Equity Global Thematic

15th February 2021   In this brief update, we focus on our outlook for 2021 and tackle three major issues facing equity investors today.

Future-proofing Investments Against Climate Change

1st March 2021   Today, we see growing impetus from more countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. In this inevitable transition to a low-carbon future, there will be many winners and losers.

Global reflation proceeds

26th February 2021   Mirroring higher vaccination rates and the prospect for a stronger fiscal impulse, economic indicators this week improved more strongly in the US than in continental Europe.