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Third Quarter 2021

15th June 2021   The global economic recovery is set to gain more traction in the second half of 2021 as economies reopen and the global services sector comes back online. We expect inflation to move higher as central banks are delivering on their promise not to remove monetary accommodation prematurely.

What if Inflation is Not Transitory?

10th June 2021   Financial markets have performed well this year. While rising stock prices surprised many investors last year, they are in line with positive economic growth this year. The pandemic seems to be more or less behind us and there are only a few clouds on the horizon. One risk that should not be ignored, however, is inflation.

Identifying Sustainable Rising Stars in Total Return Investing

2nd June 2021   As ESG data becomes more granular, integrating sustainability with fixed income investing has become even more viable. This has given us confidence to integrate sustainability with our Total Return strategy – a flexible, global, and non-benchmarked approach to fixed income investing.

Emerging Markets Equities Look More Attractive Again

11th June 2021   The macro outlook in Europe looks brighter than we had previously expected and we have revised up our GDP growth numbers for 2021 for the euro area, Switzerland and the UK.