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Equities Face More Moderate Path Ahead

14th July 2021   Equity market returns have moderated somewhat over recent weeks as the US economy has shifted from an early-cycle re-acceleration phase to a more moderate stage.

Welcome to the Consolidation Phase

8th July 2021   The recovery phase is over and we are now in a consolidation period. Risk assets remain well supported and interest rates are also likely to rise again after a pause.

Investing to Protect Biodiversity

7th July 2021   For most of us living in cities or urban areas, wildlife can seem like an afterthought. However, the reality is we are all highly dependent on nature and its essential services like clean water and pollination.

Corporate Behaviour in a Pandemic

7th July 2021   As governments introduced restrictions to economic activity to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections in 2020, they simultaneously provided support to company balance sheets. Now that economies are reopening, emergency measures appear to have been successful with corporate default rates at multi-year lows.

Fed and ECB Operate On Different Timelines

23rd July 2021   We expect that the FOMC meeting next week is unlikely to provoke the same market reaction as last month’s meeting.