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Semiconductors: Investing in Technology's Future

26th August 2021   Semiconductors have been in the spotlight, with news of shortages making global headlines. How can one approach investing in this vast industry? We explore two specific segments – analogue chips and semiconductor equipment manufacturers.

Four Lessons From 30 Years of Sustainable Investment

7th October 2021   Sustainable investment is rife with misunderstanding. Here are some answers.

Blockchain: Going Beyond Cryptocurrencies

23rd July 2021   Blockchain consumes vast amounts of energy because of the high computing power it requires. This has raised environmental concerns and questioned its sustainability as an investment. Learn more in this quarter’s Thematic Insights Tech Disruptors.

How Long is "Transitory"?

8th October 2021   Sticky inflation and more hawkish central banks saw a sharp rise in yields last month, and while economic activity continues to slow, it remains strong.

Central Banks Are Becoming More Vocal as Inflation Rises

1st October 2021   With the current rise in inflation apparently less transitory than expected, central banks are pivoting to a slightly less dovish stance.