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Engaging for Biodiversity: Cocoa & Cobalt

4th May 2021   During 2020, the J. Safra Sarasin Active Ownership team launched two new topical engagement themes: cobalt and cocoa.

Liquid Biopsy: A Game-Changer to Detect and Monitor Cancer

28th April 2021   One of the main priorities in cancer research is to detect cancer cells at an early stage, before they start to spread. A novel and revolutionary approach, known as liquid biopsy, which requires only a blood sample, is leading the way.

Semiconductor Manufacturing: A Battle Over Tech Supremacy

27th April 2021   The semiconductor equipment sector, which produces highly complex machines needed to manufacture chips, has found itself in the centre of a brewing political storm between the US and China.

Central banks starting to cruise at different speeds

7th May 2021   Yesterday’s decision of the Bank of England to reduce its monthly purchase volume is a timely wake-up call that monetary policy is past its most expansionary period.