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Core Competencies

We have developed several key competencies and specialties across asset classes: Fixed Income, Equities, Multi-Asset as well as in Quant and Alternatives strategies.
We have a long track record in managing fixed income portfolios. Our experienced team follows a disciplined investment process with a strong focus on risk management.
  • Our Core Bond team runs our core investment grade products but also highly special-ised funds like green bonds or global financials. We have a disciplined investment process which combines our top-down macro views with our bottom-up, ESG enhanced credit analysis.
  • Our Emerging Markets team has developed a number of strategies within the emerging market fixed income area ranging from shorter duration products to a specialised local currency emerging markets product.
  • Our Total Return team has a track record of over 10 years running a flexible and un-constrained approach that has delivered a stable absolute return over the cycle.
Our equity teams are focused on strong alpha generation via our proprietary ESG-integrated investment process.
We believe in high conviction portfolios and therefore our strategies are concentrated, finding the optimal mix between alpha generation and risk diversification.
We have two dedicated teams in the equity area.
  • The Core Equity team focuses on both large cap and small cap strategies in our core markets, which are managed with the objective to outperform their relevant bench-marks.
  • The Thematic Equity team runs a selection of highly specialised multi-thematic strategies with the aim to generate a superior long-term performance.
In the area of multi-asset investing our global mind-set comes into play as we always aim for the largest investment universe possible within given constraints.
In our portfolios we aim for a flexible and dynamic approach, harvesting investment opportunities globally as they come along.
We have strong and dedicated resources to the multi-asset investment process which include the Bank’s economic & strategy research team, the Chief Investment Office and a large team of multi-asset portfolio managers in various locations.
Over the years we have developed many successful systematic investment strategies in all major asset classes. Starting in the late 90s with simple rule-based strategies in equity and commodity products, we expanded our range significantly over recent years into more complex and dynamic risk factor-based concepts. Within J. Safra Sarasin Sustainable Asset Management we have a network of highly experienced quant professionals with a wide range of backgrounds. We are proud to have first-mover quant products on our shelf with some of the longest track records in the industry.
Being an accomplished investor itself, the Group has a long history of being involved in private markets transactions and also being an active investor in alternative strategies.
We provide our clients with highly specialised solutions in Real Estate, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, and Private Debt.